About the Girl

I’ve never seen anyone with more juices than you.

That’s a common saying when someone comes over to see my juice collection. It finally led me to launch an e-juice review site just to review the hundreds of juices (and thousands of dollars!)I have tried over the years. Taste being a completely subjective thing, I’ve often read the comments and reviews on sites, bought the juice excitedly only to gag upon the first draw. If you haven’t experienced this, you’re lucky. On the flip side, there are juices that other people didn’t like but one puff of it and I took the bottle home with me.

But as is the case with food preferences, people with similar tastes will more than likely enjoy the same food or e-juices. I should know; I’ve been judging and critiquing food for almost a decade. This leads me to the next reason I opted to launch this site: my sense of smell is pretty spectacular. If there’s a whiff of anything in an e-juice, I am likely to smell it and taste it, so there’s little risk of you buying a juice and smelling or tasting anything more than what I indicate, I think. More likely is that you will get less of it, which makes following my recommendations less risky.

Now with the latest laws banning and regular e-cigarettes and juices, most of the vendors we use will have to stop sending samples of e-juices to try. This makes for riskier purchasing, and with certain e-juice makers cornering you into try 60 ml bottles in lieu of sample sizes, the financial risk is even higher: I don’t know about you but about 60-70% of the time, I loathe the juices I try because the descriptions were deceitful, misleading or the previous testers were void of any sense of taste or smell.

A Little About Me…

I was a smoker on and off for about 20 years–mostly on but off once a decade or so and completely miserable. I don’t mean me–I’d be miserable, too, but I’d make other people even more miserable. So let’s leave it at you don’t want to know me when I don’t get my cigarettes. I have no issues admitting that I was addicted to nicotine, but quitting smoking is even harder because cigarettes are your all-day companions. The act of not doing was much harder for me than the lack of nicotine. That said, coming off of Marlboro Medium’s level of nicotine was no party either.

When I first started vaping three years ago, I started off at 24mg of nicotine. Now I am down to 12 mg. If you know many vapers, you’re probably aware of the fact that many people smoke much lower nicotine than 12 mg/ml, but I find that the majority of people who just love to vape, period, tend to go down further. For me, I go through about 2ml of e-juice per day, so each puff having a good amount of nicotine is of more value than everything else except flavor. I simply can’t vape it if it’s not delicious. With others, they want to vape/draw all day so decreasing the amount of nicotine is imperative to prevent taking in too much. Whichever one you are, rest assured that I’d still stand by my reviews, and that if anything, your juice will taste better than mine because you have less nicotine in it.

H-PRIV 220W TC by Smok
H-PRIV 220W TC by Smok

Setup-wise, I go all over the place. Every once in awhile, especially when I’m tasting a new batch of juices, I’ll drip, but most of the time, I opt for tanks. I’m digging the Cloud Beast Tank by SMOK these days on my dual battery H-PRIV 220W TC mod right now as I am typing this page up, but the Kangertech 200w is also a workhorse even if not quite as pretty as the H-PRIV.

One of the main reasons I wanted to quit was because smokers are now being treated like criminals. “Thirty feet” away from an entrance is often in the middle of the street (what, get run over? Is that what you want?) and whenever I travel, having to find some hotel somewhere that permits smoking or has a balcony is becoming a real pain in the ass. Also, standing outside smoking while it’s pouring cats and dogs is about the low point in anyone’s life; I just can’t envision anything more pathetic-looking. Believe me, because I’ve been that girl. Add in the fact that after smoking for a considerable number of years knowing how bad it is for me, it also looks ignorant–which was not the case as I like to call it denial more than ignorance, thank you very much. Now that I’m climbing up there in age passing by the ripe age of 4-0, I figured it’s a good time to move onto something new.

That said, I’ll also put it out there that I still smoke two cigarettes a day–one in the morning with my coffee, and one after dinner. I just don’t know how to get away from those two daily treats and if I am perfectly truthful, I don’t want to know. Those two little five-minute events are highlights of my day, and while the cigarette itself doesn’t taste good any longer, it’s the act more than the smokes. Other than that, I stick with my mods.

One of these days, I’ll do a post on my mods, but for the time being–let’s get to reviewing some juices!