E-Juice Review | Huckleberry by Stagecoach Vapors

Stagecoach Vapors Huckleberry |Girl with a Mod Juice Review

“I’m your huckleberry,” is about the only usage of huckleberry that I know. But upon receiving a sample of this with my order a few weeks ago, I took one draw and immediately wondered what kind of fruit a huckleberry was. My searching led me to realize that it’s the state fruit of Idaho (who knew? If you knew, you must be from Idaho…) and is a fruit that looks similar to a blueberry and based on limited research, it tastes similar too, ranging from tart to sweet.¬†Additionally, in language, its original meaning was synonymous with “tad,” as in “I’m a huckleberry over your persimmon,” its most common usage, which translates to: “I’m a tad better than you.”


Well, whatever you decide huckleberry means, Stagecoach Vapor has made it delicious. I decided to review this right now because it’s my go-to favorite for the past week. Be it morning or night, I find this flavor so pleasant and so light. “Huckleberry,” is a tad sour, a tad sweet and a mightily refreshing. Reminiscent of a very fragrant peach iced tea with a light squeeze of apple sourness, and a sweetness only fruit can yield, the e-juice is wonderful in a tank. It’s at least triple more powerful in aroma than it is in vapor flavor, which is a good thing because any more powerful in the mouth and it’d be good to vape for about an hour. The way Stagecoach has created this right now, it’s a very jovial flavor, pleasing to both the tongue and nose, and your palate does not tire of it no matter how many times you draw on it. In fact, you end up drawing on it more than usual.

While the description states “berries,” I don’t pick up anything I consider clearly berry-like, though I’d be convinced if you told me it’s supposed to have a strawberry background.

Stagecoach Vapors Huckleberry |Girl with a Mod Juice ReviewHuckleberry is offered in 15, 30 and 120 ml with a 60 ml bottle clearly missing–and is made available with 0 and up to 18mg of nicotine. Kudos to Stagecoach Vapors for making 18mg available. I don’t know why vendors everywhere are starting at 12mg if not worse, 6mg–some of us do this to not smoke.

Overall, it’s something I consider to be quite light and a definite all-day vape. While shown in the retail image as offered in a clear bottle, note the dark green dropper bottle it actually comes in.

I received this bottle from WeVapeHere.com, who, after age verification, immediately shipped out my package. Huckleberry is available here.



Overall Rating: 8.8/10


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