Moo Juice by Mount Baker Vapor | E-Juice Review

Moo Juice by Mount Baker Vapor | A Girl with a Mod E-Juice Review

Love strawberry milk?

Before going into the details about the e-juice, let me discuss Mount Baker Vapor for a second. This company is popular; this isn’t some unknown company with subpar juices but rather, a popular company who offer (or did back when I ordered from them) a dizzying number of flavors to try. I placed a nearly $200 order with them when I first discovered their site because they had such a huge array of flavors and EXCELLENT prices, to boot. Me being me, I didn’t like all of their flavors but first, unlike my similarly priced Velvet Vapor order where I spent the same and got less than half the number of bottles, I liked more of Mount Baker’s flavors than any of Velvet Vapors. (Incidentally, a quick search tells me VV has come to their senses and lowered their ridiculous prices for what I consider to be “unvape-able” juices.)

At the time of this writing, a 30ml bottle of Moo Juice at 12mg/ml nicotine is a whopping $7.99. (Mt. Baker offers everything from 0-24 mg/ml of nicotine.) Compare it to something like one of my other beloved flavors like Huckleberry at $18.00 at this time and you begin to see that vaping Moo Juice would not only taste delicious but quite literally be at less than half the price. So for whatever flaws I find in this juice, much is forgivable at this price point. Also, I just checked and Mount Baker still offers a lot of customization options–like adjusting your VG/PG levels to your preferences and that of the mods you own. Between this, the size options and the nicotine options, I still think they offer great value to customers.

Kudos to Mt. Baker for keeping their prices affordable and making their flavors accessible to the masses.

Now, let’s get to Moo Juice.

I’d bet that most vapers who have vaped for more than a couple of years have heard of Moo Juice; it’s that popular. It is, for the most part, a yummy juice.

My first experience was funny in that I took my first draw and hesitated, actually thinking, “What is that flavor?” when all of a sudden, the strawberry just hit me. It’s a sweet and flavorful strawberry, almost like a strawberry Jolly Rancher or gum, balanced out by a creamy milk flavor–and is more reminiscent of bottled strawberry milk than fresh strawberry milk or milkshakes. You just can’t get that level of flavor with fresh strawberries, so to put it negatively, it tastes a little fake–but to view it positively, it tastes like one hell of a strawberry milk that is bad for you and absolutely addicting. At the end of the exhale, there’s a slightly repugnant aftertaste for me, like a wine that makes you cringe a little despite being great when going down the gullet. For lack of a better word to describe it, it tastes a little…oily. I’m not sure but I suppose it could be on account of my having ordered the MAX

Ejuice Review of Moo Juice by Mount Baker Vapor
Totally no-frills, economical and big on taste option

VG option?

But like I said, assuming their formula is still the same as it was a few years ago, it’s one hell of a fine juice for the budget-conscious and this slight flaw is balanced out by the nice scent and flavor when you draw. And you can’t beat the price, especially when they have sales going on. Note that the more Moo Juice I vaped (and also note that I was dripping this juice), the more that aftertaste was less noticeable. With Moo Juice, I tended to vape it for a whole day straight, and then move onto something else for a few days before coming back.

Mount Baker Vapor was speedy in getting my order out and within 3 days of ordering, the box was being opened on my dining table.

Now that said, since August 8th, a lot of our usual e-juice companies have had to change things up and looking on the MBV site now, it looks like many of the flavors are gone as well as the extra flavor shots you used to be able to get (but that you never really needed, to be honest). A scroll through their Facebook page indicates that they have some troubled customers who are experiencing shipping issues or complaining about the changes, so be forewarned. I suppose things will continue changing, which is a better reason than any to stock up on Moo Juice now. Their Butterscotch was on point as well–something other juice companies have failed miserably on various occasions–and the Blue Moo was almost as good as Moo Juice–a blueberry milk of sorts. The Strawberry Shortcake was also fun. And you can get all three for a buck or two more than most of the boutique e-juices saturating the market right now where for many, it’s going to be almost as expensive as sucking on a cancer stick, but still less harmful.

But bad-for-you strawberry milk in a tank, making you nostalgic for your childhood? Bring it on!

Moo Juice is available at the Mt. Baker website.

Rating: 6.8/10





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