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Mango e-Juice - PIM by Vape Chemist

While there are lots of fruits I love, at the top of that list are mangoes. It’s no wonder, then, that I’ve tried so many different mango flavors. But to date, I had not found the ideal mango juice with some being subpar, some tasting like mangoes if we lived on Jupiter, and some being good juices but not being reminiscent of mangoes. So when I heard about Philippine Mango by Vape Chemist, I pounced on the chance to buy it.

Well known among them is an e-juice called  Philippine Mango (which they seem to call PIM) by Vape Chemist. From bottling to website design, I liked everything about it, and I utilized an Instagram coupon code I found and bought it right away. A 30 ml bottle is $19.99 plus a $5.00 flat rate shipping via Priority Mail, so one bottle breaks down to a minimum of $24.99 and for me, an additional CA tax of $1.35 totaling $26.34 so this ranks up there with some of the most expensive e-juices I’ve ordered per bottle (though the current trend seems to be to charge as much as people are willing to pay). With the 10% Instagram code, the total was $24.35.

At 120ml, the discount is much steeper; a 120 ml bottle of PIM is $59.99 and with shipping which I assume would remain $5, that would be $64.99, lowering the cost per ml by half.

It’s also the only time I ordered a single bottle of anything. Due to the prices, and the fact that cheaper, sample sizes are not available, I wasn’t about to order such pricey juices that I may or may not like. The Pink Matter juice they had was of interest to me and had they had a non-menthol version, I’d have just ordered it anyway, but again — sample sizes, folks! I realize our new laws dictate that you’re to remove samples when processing orders, but seriously–what is with this forcing customers to buy a 30ml size of juice they may or may not like?

That said, who doesn’t love mango? And to be able to vape mango begs the question: how much would I NOT pay?

Philippine Mango Ejuice | PIM reviewVape Chemist was extraordinarily fast. I placed the order at lunchtime and before I’d even finished working, the shipment was on its way. I received it two days later, well-packed and in fine condition. Upon opening the bottle up, I could definitely get a whiff of mango but it wasn’t strong–and anyone who has smelled a mango knows it’s distinct and quite overwhelming.

The next day I put about a milliliter into the Smok Cloud Beast on the H-Priv mod. (I never put a lot in because…well, what the hell am I going to do if I hate it?)

First, it draws nicely into the cotton without any dry hits–mostly attributable to the pretty spectacular atomizer I’m using but also applicable to the juice’s viscosity or lack thereof. The PIM, as it’s labeled, it ever so slightly more watery than some of my high-VG juices which explains the nice wicking. Looking at the website post-purchase, I see it’s 40% PG which explains everything; most of my juices are at most 30% PG or less. The slight increase in PG definitely helps to draw nicely, but if I haven’t lost my mind, it also disappears faster like it’s evaporating.

Or maybe that’s because I wouldn’t stop vaping it.

Vape Chemist Phillipine Mango

Is it good? YES! It is a really good e-juice that tastes of quality and good flavor.
Do I recommend it? YES! I don’t think anyone would dislike this juice–not even close. In fact, I’d bet that most anyone would enjoy this juice.

But is it the fresh, sweet true-to-life mango it’s purported to be?

No. Not really.

First, there is that stark difference in that mango aromas are fiercely strong. This has a decent scent of mango but strong is not a word I’d use for it. Second, while you can get a slight taste of mango, it hardly registers as the primary flavor and in fact, if I had to pinpoint the stronger flavor, it’d be pineapple (which is fantastic in its own right and can hold its own against the mango, but it isn’t a mango). Then comes in some mango with a little bit of melon or something.

And while PIM doesn’t really qualify as my utmost mango e-juice, it qualifies as fantastic nonetheless.

The cloud production is extremely good, especially considering it’s only 60% VG. I daresay it rivals that of most of my MAX VG juices. The flavor — absolutely remarkable.

PIM would easily be on my ADV rotation. Compared to my e-juices like Straw-Gwab by Velvet Cloud Vapors, PIM matches it in flavor and aroma, and I find it’s a flavor I crave time and again. PIM is lighter and all-around good, so I’d happily recommend you give it a try. If ever I find a way to get sample size of this e-juice, I’ll update the review.

Want to try it? Philippine Mango is available through the Vape Chemist website here. If you do try it, do let me know what you think by commenting below. Also note that they have really incredible sales a few times a year. During one of the sales, I bought four 120ml bottles and am down to my last full bottle now.



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