E-Juice Review | The Plume Room’s Black Cherry Cream Soda

The Plume Room's Black Cherry Cream Soda | E-Juice Review

Do you know the fragrance when you’re walking down the street and up ahead of you is an old, usually strikingly beautiful older lady who is wearing a ton of fragrance and dressed up gloriously? Do you know the whiff of perfume you smell in the air just being within 20 feet of her?

To me, that’s Black Cherry Cream Soda.

Now keep in mind that I am not a fan of black cherry soda of any kind but I do love my cream sodas occasionally. While I love the taste of a good cherry, I find most cherry-anything to taste like cough medicine and am usually turned off by it.

With every passing year, it begins to dawn on me that there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” You can eat too much, you can certainly drink too much, and in The Plume Room’s Black Cherry Cream Soda–you can overpower too much. I do know who would appreciate it, though: anyone who doesn’t have a overly keen sense of smell or tends to not smell too much should really enjoy this one because I’d guess that virtually anyone can smell this, and thereby, taste it. It’s strong, not unpleasant, but overwhelming for me, and I have the perfect friend that might appreciate it with his perpetual inability to smell. He’s also where I dump all of the e-juices I really don’t like.

For what it’s worth, I used my Kanger Subtank Nano V2 tank with a 0.5-ohm atomizer on the Kangertech 200w at 26-watts. I did try lower wattage but the flavor was not just weaker but a little off; any higher and I’d have been perfumed out.

By the way, while this review of The Plume Room Black Cherry Cream Soda e-juice is not really flattering, don’t lead yourself to believe that The Plume Room is anything but one of my favorites. They have some superb–and I mean divine superb–flavors that will be coming up on Girl with a Mod, and two of them are my favorites. I just happened to review this first because I happened to have just tested it out. The Plume Room is otherwise one of the industry’s finest e-juice makers–you’ll see.

You can try out the Black Cherry Cream Soda e-juice here.

Rating: 5/10

The Plume Room's Black Cherry Cream Soda | E-Juice Review

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