Strawb-Gwab by Velvet Cloud Vapors | E-Juice Review

Straw-Gwab by Velvet Cloud | E-juice Review by Girl with a Mod

When I first started vaping, Velvet Vapors was brand new. My choices of online juices were more limited and a “vape store” was unheard of, at least in my area and to my knowledge. Now, I have 4 in my city and 7 in a 10-mile radius, and there are so many juices that I could probably do one tank of each juice, never repeating, for the rest of my days and still not try them all.

But I wouldn’t be me if I were so easy about juices and the reason I am actually called “the girl with the most e-juices” (oh wait…that’s shoes…but I digress–it would also be applicable to e-juices), is because I buy them, hate them and then unintentionally steep them until they find an owner and leave my presence.

Well, from month one of vaping, I happened upon Strawb-Gwab because my friend happened upon a bottle. One draw from his mod and I ran to my computer to order. And to this day, my favorite e-juice to vape remains Strawb-Gwab.

Granted, they’re a local company to me, based in San Francisco,¬†which is a big plus to me since I like supporting local companies and the shipping is speedy. I don’t even know if they have a store or if I could go pick some up–and I really have no intention of finding out since it gets to me really quickly.

But Strawb-Gwab…is such a ¬†pure and clean smack of flavor that at least for 1-2 days a week, I only vape this flavor. The strawberry is strong on the nose–but a pure, non-candied, sweet strawberry only, and the guava is heavy in the mouth and absolutely delightful. What really differentiates Velvet Cloud is that instead of smelling like fragrances and scented perfumes, it smells and tastes like the actual fruit–something that is still rare in fruit e-juices that I’ve tried that often may taste “good” but it’s like sniffing perfume all day.

strawbgwab_1While I switch flavors a lot just because I am so curious and my palate is easily tempted by the descriptions, Straw-Gwab reigns supreme. If I had to ding it, it’s that every once in awhile–say on average, every 25-30 draws, there’s less flavor or often some other odd flavor–and just when you think you’re going to change tanks, it flavor comes back. Also, I wish VC, like some other companies, offered extra flavors. I could really vape this all day and not eat if it just carried more flavor.

To my knowledge, all of Velvet Cloud’s e-juices are 100% VG (or max, technically, since they may use distilled water) and there are no PG-options. Frankly, for the Strawb-Gwab, I would really like an option where I could add 10-20% VG just to see if the flavors carry better. It’s a pretty high viscosity juice, but pre-soaking your atomizer cotton from all sides should work nicely. The 30ml bottles are offered in clear glass dropper bottles, and while they used to have 120 ml bottles, it looks like they’ve resorted to sending four 30 ml bottles instead. Not sure what the reasoning for that was, but no big deal.

But if you love strawberry and guava, you’d be hardpressed to find a better e-juice anywhere combining the flavors. In fact, I love strawberries and I have yet to find one e-juice that offers the clean and authentic strawberry flavor that Strawb-Gwab does, never mind Guava.

Unlike so many e-juice vendors, Velvet Cloud continues to offer 18mg nicotine all the way down to no nicotine. I honestly don’t get why people removed the 18mg option; for people who quit smoking anything but ultra-lights, the 18mg option is ideal for quitting smoking. Honestly, how hard is it to make that option? Thankfully, Velvet Cloud does. I have both the 18mg and 12mg on hand–and for days when all I have time for are two huge draws and I have to run back in somewhere, I take my 18mg with me.

Definitely give Strawb-Gwab a try. You won’t find a better all-day vape anywhere. While not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, one draw and you will feel like it was worth every single dollar. When you order a 120 ml bottle, it breaks down to $15.00 per 30 ml bottle, though if you purchase a 30 ml, its normal price is $18.00. They also have an auto-ship option that gives you a discount, and if you subscribe to their newsletter, they have quite a few coupons and sales that happen throughout the year. For instance, at the time of this writing, there’s a 30% sale going on for a few select flavors, though Strawb-Gwab is not one of them.

Want strawb-gwab? You can find 16.5ml – 120ml bottles right here.

Rating: 9.5/10



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